Vacancy 1

Vacancy 1

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I am looking for a personal assistant

Friends, I am looking for a personal assistant. Your gender or the language in which you communicate, is not important to me.

1. Qualities that are important to us for a candidate

  • Cleanity
  • Tidiness
  • Love for the kitchen (love for cooking)
  • The presence of the experience of the confectioner is not necessarily

2. What tasks may include this vacancy

  • To assist during the master classes, during the work of the confectionery studio
  • Kneading test, baking gingerbread, biscuits and other billets
  • Cooking stuffing, creams, glazes on our technical cards
  • Maintain cleanliness during work (washing dishes, floor if necessary), etc.
  • Processing ingredients 

3. Contacts and salary

  1. Studio is located on Telecentru, str. Pietrarilor
  2. Payment hourly, depends on your skills (write to us and we will reply in the next 48 hours) 
  3. Telephone for communication (including Telegram) 068851025 or email us at or Please start a message with the mark "Vacancy" then immediately goes to the manager. 
  4. or write here
  5. It is very important for us to work in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere, so we are waiting for "our person!")

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