Delicious cakes. Master Class.
Master Class

Delicious cakes. Master Class.

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The purpose of the master class

This master class requested, probably almost 4 years old! I wanted to make it the most useful, filled with information, lifehacks and the ability to apply everything in practice. This two-day course was created for those who like to cook, like to create confectionery products, but who lacks practices, skills and knowledge to start creating beautiful, smooth and neat cakes.

What will happen to MK?

  • 5 top-end cakes: new red velvet with strawberry filling, lightweight and fragrant vanilla cake, saturated chocolate, tropical coconut and winter with orange Kurd.
  • information about the necessary equipment and inventory for start
  • Be sure to pay attention to the ingredients
  • Production Features: how to do smooth coating, how to store how to decorate  

Study about cake decor

  • chocolate balls and other decor
  • work with confectionery paper
  • Floral features in the Decor
  • Application of food dyes
  • perfect coating for cake
  • cream decor
  • work with isomalt  
  • Date: 27-28.11 Time: 10-17: 00 with a break for lunch Cost: 200 Euro
  • * Registration and place booking occurs on the basis of prepayment 50%
  • * The price includes everything you need for work, technical maps (recipes) of all processes that will be on the course, aprons at work, Coffee Break and dinner in the studio.  To work as efficiently as possible and productive, we work in small groups up to 8 people.

This course is practical, this means that each participant will be involved in creating a cake on various processes. You can send questions related to and will promptly answer you or through messages to any of our pages on Facebook or Instagram. There are insignificant changes in the program.

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