Recommendations are important! is a dessert laboratory. All desserts are made to order. You can pick them up from the workshop or arrange delivery on our website. All orders are accepted at least 3 working days in advance (and if the date for which you need the dessert is not yet busy). If you want to clarify the availability of any dessert, you can do it by phone or via messengers (indicated on the Contacts page).


Cakes, cupcakes, pasta, as well as all desserts that contain any kind of cream from our pastry shop are stored for 48 hours in a refrigerator (+ 2- + 6 degrees) without foreign odors.

Gingerbreads are stored for 5 months. Packaged, in a dry place, free of foreign odors and direct sunlight.


If you transport our desserts yourself, please use our recommendations:

  • Transportation of gingerbread is carried out in its original packaging. Protect from sunlight. Position the box so that it does not tip over and other things cannot fall onto it.
  • Transportation of cream products. If you are transporting creamy desserts during a hot season, please turn on the air conditioner. If you are transporting a cake or cream product for a long distance, warn us about it. If you are bringing desserts in winter, please turn off the heating in your car. Place the dessert on a flat surface. Do not carry desserts by hand or on seats. Ask the pastry chef for advice on where to place the cake when you pick it up. Be sure to refrigerate on arrival at your destination.


Please advise when placing an order about food allergies, if you have one or the person for whom the dessert is intended!

We are very sensitive to all our ingredients, however, most of them contain allergens: gluten, dairy products, eggs, nuts, citrus fruits, berries, etc. Desserts that are not prepared with allergens may contain particles (traces) of them.

Delivery and payment methods, as well as instructions on how to place an order, can be found in the section - Payment and delivery