MK Darya Rokitskaya (how it was)
Master Class

MK Darya Rokitskaya (how it was)

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On October 13-14, a practical two-day master class (MC) by Daria Rokitskaya on making and painting gingerbread cookies was held at the confectionery house. Daria is not only a master of her craft, but also a person who creates a chic atmosphere at the master class.

There are many reasons why I recommend going to Daria's MC if you get the chance (she doesn't do it often as she has a lot of assignments to work hard on). Who doesn't know Dasha, just look at her Instagram @dasharokitskaya and hang out there for the whole day, I guarantee. Firstly, Dasha has a huge experience in the gingerbread business (and not only), but since the MC was held on gingerbread, I will describe this particular aspect.

Secondly, Dasha is very generous with her knowledge. She brought the participants sooo many techniques: types of paintings, types of inscriptions and texts, stencils and all methods of working with them, an airbrush and a projector! Who knows what I'm talking about, understands perfectly well that in each specific topic there are many subtopics and questions, and Dasha managed to tell and show about all this.

Among other things, there were a lot of nice bonuses in the form of tips on the selection of inventory, packaging, storage, ingredients (the list is endless). If you are just going to visit Daria's MK, then my advice is to take a pen and a notebook and be very careful, catch this knowledge, because it is very valuable!

And of course, it is impossible not to note the supply of information from Dasha. All this array of information was presented as accessible as possible, simply and clearly. The master class, of course, was practical, which made it possible for absolutely every participant "from" and "to" to make sweet masterpieces. It was not just a master class, but also a pleasant meeting of strangers who, by the end of the first day, felt like one team.

Thanks to Daria Rokitskaya and her husband for such a thorough preparation and a chic MC (it's a lot of work, a lot of patience, equipment, inventory, etc.) thanks to the participants for creating an atmosphere.

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