Answers to frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions

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Working not for the first year with private and corporate orders, we were convinced that the same questions are often asked. We decided to answer them in detail, to describe everything in detail, so that it would be easier for you to cooperate with us and so that you do not waste your precious time. We hope these answers will allow you to make the right impression about us and our home confectionery:

  • Decor and decorations, is it possible to eat? Yes! We adhere to one of the most important rules of the world's confectionery schools - we use ONLY food ingredients, which means that all decor, all dyes, all details of cookies, gingerbread, cupcakes and cakes are edible. We believe that the client should not guess which of what he has on his plate can eat and what not. !! An exception may be separate fasteners of structures for decor or in the case when the client himself asked to install something on the cake: a favorite toy, a wooden ax or a flower arrangement.
  • Freshness. We do not cook for the future, so that later we can simply "sell" the products. All desserts are made to order. The exception is the holidays, for which we prepare in large quantities, so that in addition to individual orders, it would be possible to order something from what is in stock.
  • Lead time. Individual orders are accepted at least 4 days in advance, but specific dates must be confirmed. For example, there are days when we are working on several large events, weddings or christenings and it is not possible to take orders for these dates. Therefore, when you write or call, one of the first questions you will receive is "What date do you need an order for." This is done primarily to save your time. So that we do not discuss the details of the dessert, its price, but in the end it turns out that the dessert is needed for a date that is already reserved. All details are specified in the comments to the order (you can write the desired date), by phone: 068851025, or in private messages in the group: or
  • Sizes of cookies. We do not write the weight of cookies, gingerbread because they differ depending on the glaze (for example, a completely filled gingerbread is much heavier than the one on which a simple inscription is made). In order for you to have an idea about the product, we write the dimensions of each specific gingerbread. Sizes are in the range because the size depends on the thickness of the dough. For example, someone likes softer gingerbread cookies, therefore we roll them out thicker, such a dough, when baking, may slightly decrease in length. Conversely, some customers like crispy biscuits, which are sometimes larger than the specified sizes. That is why we add (+ -1-2 cm).
  • Our photos. All the photos on our site (background pictures, photos of gingerbread, sets, cakes, cupcakes) contain only OUR works. Each dessert was made by us with great love and hard work.
  • Design. Design may differ from that shown in the photo. We are guided by the wishes of the customer and try to fulfill them as accurately as possible. However, since each confectionery product is made not by a standardized machine, but by living people, the design (some line, shade, number of stripes) may differ slightly. However, any important things for the customer will be done exactly with the order! That is why we write in our products: "The design may differ slightly from that shown in the photo. If you do not specify the details when ordering, then it is done at the discretion of the confectioner."
  • Shelf life Within 3 months from the date of receipt, the gingerbread will retain its taste, original appearance and freshness under the right conditions, namely a dry room, without foreign odors (gingerbread absorbs all odors), in a tightly closed bag or container.
  • Packaging. Please note that each product says "Specify the packaging, it depends on the number of cookies, gingerbreads you have chosen." We use special eco food boxes for cookie sets. However, if an order is made for 5-7 small gingerbread cookies, this package is completely inconvenient for transportation, the gingerbread in it will break. For small orders we use transparent self-adhesive bags.
  • Food coloring. We use only high-quality and proven helium food coloring! No, they are not dangerous and yes, some colors can stain the tongue for example and this does not indicate any toxicity, you can be sure.
  • Children and gingerbread. There is no exact age at which to start giving gingerbread. In each of our products, the composition is described in detail, if your child is not allergic to honey, egg white spices, then yes, he can be given such products. But if you are not sure or have not introduced at least one ingredient from the list into the child's diet, then we do not recommend giving him such products. We do not recommend giving gingerbread to children under 1 year old, given that the baby is not yet familiar with many spices.

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