"Mousse cake # 1" with Julian Yakovlev

"Mousse cake # 1" with Julian Yakovlev

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Juliana Yakovlev will come to us in the cookies.md studio C MK "Your Mousse Cake No. 1"!

Practical intensive on mousse desserts suitable:

- Beginners from scratch; - Those who are already familiar with mousse desserts, but wants to bring to the ideal and learn all the nuances of assembly and coverage; - Those who want to start their "sweet business"; - Those who want to replenish their arsenal with new bombing taste combinations.


1) "Muesli +": orange biscuit, crispy layer of muesli, conforming cranberries, mousse on white chocolate, mirror glaze;

2) "Total caramel": caramel-banana biscuit, salt caramel toffee, caramelized bananas, caramel mousse, mirror glaze;

3) "Red velvet": Biscuit red velvet, strawberry confessor, confession maracuy, gentle mousse with cream-cheese cream on the Angle cream, mirror glaze;

4) Chocolate Cherry": wet chocolate biscuit, brandy cherry jelly, cherry confinement with "spirits", mousse on dark chocolate, chocolate velor;

5) "Citron": Machine-lemon biscuit, lime jelly, lemon cream, lemon mousse, chocolate velor;
6) "Orekhovo-chocolate paradise": wet chocolate biscuit, crunchy layer with praline, vanilla cream with nuts mix, mousse on milk chocolate, mirrored glaze. 
On the master class, we will analyze all the basics of mousse desserts in detail: the composition, assembly, proportion, the perfect cut. Prepare from a to I simple and complex mousses. Swarm the perfect mirror glaze and wonder all the nuances of working with her. Consider various methods of application, including leopard. Let's make the perfect velor. European decor.
Venue: Chisinau, Studio Cookies.md, Telecenter, Ul Petrarilor
Teacher Chef: Juliana Yakovlev (Odessa)
Time: 10-18 with a break for a delicious lunch
Price: 220 EUR
Place Booking: After prepayment 50% of the course cost.
Payment is returned if the course for some reason is transferred (force majeure, viruses, the introduction of PE and the like). In the event that the participant is on the eve of the course (in less than 3 weeks) refuses to participate (for reasons that are not listed above) prepayment does not return.

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